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Well... I'm a regular human. Did I mention that? No I didn't. But it wasn't like you were supposed to GUESS, or anything. i mean, what are the odds of me being a teenage girl who loves grammar, and is planning to take over as the dooming overlord of the universe. Who likes llamas. And also chocolate. Who reads. And writes. And breathes. And stuff. Yeah. WHO HAS TWO EYES! REALLY!!!! =D So. Hi.

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Well. This is awkward….. Can I make it up to you with a link to an awesome book giveaway? Its Narbooked: And a link to NanoToons? Quick story I randomly feel like typing up because I am apparently … Continue reading

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Blogspot is Back Up!

And that means… I’m very, very confused. A little help? Should I continue on the blog or get back to my old blog? You see, my gmail crashed along with my blog and I thought it had been deleted, therefore, … Continue reading

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Why Hello There.

Why hi there. Did you know that first posts are some of the most difficult to write? Also the most amusing to readers when the writer messes up… A bit like climbing a steep mountain using a gummy worm as … Continue reading

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