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Well. This is awkward…..

Can I make it up to you with a link to an awesome book giveaway? Its Narbooked:

And a link to NanoToons?

Quick story I randomly feel like typing up because I am apparently unable to write a proper blog post. ( It’s Nanowrimo! What do you expect? -my only excuse- ) 

     My Latin teacher taught my class how to say “And who are you little man?” in Latin (quis tu homunculus?) and allowed my entire class to yell it at another teacher when he walked into our class…

    The first time, everyone almost died laughing and a student in the other teacher’s class found the time right to ask ‘why are they laughing at your face, sir?’  The second time, he refused to come into the classroom so my teacher opened the door between the classes and everyone was shouting over each other…. I don’t think he’s been that confused in a while, but he just laughed- he’s awesome like that. 

As well as this, I have seveloped the power to read you mind- you’re thinking, “Thats a rubbish story” 

*cough* sorry guys, I was swamped with school work this year (no excuse) and right now my mind it totally blank of creative ideas… again, Nanowrimo =P) 

                                               – Posting this before common sense takes over my mid


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Well... I'm a regular human. Did I mention that? No I didn't. But it wasn't like you were supposed to GUESS, or anything. i mean, what are the odds of me being a teenage girl who loves grammar, and is planning to take over as the dooming overlord of the universe. Who likes llamas. And also chocolate. Who reads. And writes. And breathes. And stuff. Yeah. WHO HAS TWO EYES! REALLY!!!! =D So. Hi.
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